Koi Dojo Basingstoke

The Koi Dojo was opened in October 2013 and is a full time, purpose built, traditional, fully matted and equipped Dojo, with 1000 square feet of matted floor, armour, certificates, scrolls, traditional altar, toilets, changing rooms, book and DVD library, together with weapons of all shapes and description, including some rarely seen outside of Japan. The Dojo also has outside areas for summer training and large seminars, Kyudo (Japanese archery), Japanese falconry and several acres of wooded land to train in; making it possibly the best equipped Dojo in the United Kingdom.

The Koi Dojo teaches Koryu Bujutsu, the battlefield arts of Japan, including armed an unarmed self-defence, plus weapons such as Katana, Bo, Jo, Hanbo, Yari, Naginata, together with some of the more obscure weapons, such as Daisharin and Ebo.

In addition to Koryu Bujutsu the Koi Dojo also teaches Ninpo Tai Jutsu, and its instructor, Mark Lutman considers himself to be extremely privileged to have been graded by Grandmaster Hatsumi (1987) and Grandmaster Tanemura (1990) and to have been granted authority to teach by both. He is only the second person in England to have achieved this honour. In May 2006, due to his martial arts expertise and Ninpo Tai Jutsu in particular Mark was awarded Menkyo Kaiden, a license to open his own Dojo.

Mark remains one of the few people to hold Yudansha grades in two separate martial arts (Jujutsu and Karate) as well as the title of Hanshi (Master Teacher) and be granted Menkyo Kaiden.

The Koi Dojo is open for classes two evenings each week and holds weapons workshops on the second Sunday of each month. All are welcome.

Weapons seminars and workshops on traditional Japanese weaponry for students of all arts also available. The Koi Dojo can build a seminar/workshop around what you want to study.

Ninpo Tai Jutsu and Koryu Bujutsu are ideal for those interested in traditional Japanese arts, suitable for self defense in the modern world, regardless of age or gender.

Ninpo Tai Jutsu and Koryu Bujutsu are not sporting arts.